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WQC Solutions BV is a dynamic and innovative company specialized in water related business. Products from algae harvesting, sediment removal, waste water stream separation techniques among others.

Our latest innovation in Reverse Osmoses techniques will bring a revolution to the desalination market. In the name of Salacia Desalination the innovation will be brought to the market.
Working in heavy duty separation solutions the reverse osmoses techniques are fine-tuned by our engineers. Within this process in the last ten years we found the method for higher yield in the membrane usage.
For the desalination solution we offer; eliminating chemical usage, extensive reduction on pre-treatment cost and higher water production yield.

There are two important steps, the pre-filtration treatment and adjustment on flow configuration and membrane usage; this is achieved with our special designed software and hardware. In general the existing hardware can be used, reducing Capex and Opex costs.

Resulting in a recovery rate increase from +/- 35-65% to +/- 70-85%. The recovery rate is based on the percentage of water that is rejected by the SWRO. Whilst going through the complete system using the energy without producing potable water.

All technology is brought together in the Salacia Desalination solution. This project will bring an enormous benefit to new and specially existing SWRO (Salt Water Reverse Osmoses plants) Existing plants can be retrofitted with our technology and equipment. Retrofitting can be cost efficient done when membranes need to be replaced. Direct result is increase of potable water production with the same footprint. No need for additional SWRO facility construction, saving enormous investments.


WQC-Desal project 2016-2017

Currently Salacia-Desal is in the market for a capital investment to produce a market ready product. To achieve the Proof Of Principle for our potential customers the following steps need to be taken.

A) Design, construct and implement a sea-water desalination unit.

B) A six month real time operation, analyzing and production period.

This period is used to prove that the claimed recovery rate is consistent for a longer period of time.

Real time testing can be done at a special site in Harlingen located in The Netherlands called WetSalt. In this location we can tap different salt water streams, and do extensive testing on the equipment.

Accordingly independent laboratory such as the WAC, Water Application Center and CEW, Center Expertise Water Technology can provide real time analyzing, monitoring and validation of our system. This will benefit in ‘shorten the time to market’ substantially.

WQC-Desal project 2017-2018

Recommended is an additional period of approx. one year in a full scale operation. Potential locations are already discussed and open for communication. In this full scale operation the goal is to retrofit a part of the plant with our technology and do a real time testing on full scale. This location will be open for potential customers.

WQC-Desal project 2018 onwards

Retrofitting desalination plants worldwide and increasing the desalination capacity without extending desalination plants.

Salt Water Reverse Osmoses

The Salt Water Reverse Osmoses (SWRO) techniques are 100% in-house developed. The complete unit is constructed at our facilities in The Netherlands. Offering the highest standard in the industry.

WQC Solutions BV offers the SWRO technique in the name of “Salacia Desalination”.
After years of seed investment Salacia Desalination is proud to offer a groundbreaking technology innovation that can double the output of SWRO systems Worldwide.
Salacia Desalination has made several unique innovations in the last years to achieve the extreme optimization in the SWRO technology. The solution is a two step system as described in this document.
Finding the best way to retrofit existing plants with our technology was our main goal, extending the water production capacity in the plant without the need for an factory extension.
The biggest challenge we found was in the recovery rate, standards in the industry go between 35-55% recovery. Best in class systems operates at 65% recovery rate. Salacia Desalination will achieve a recovery rate of at least 70% during the initiated Proof Of Principle set up the final figure will be disclosed.

Pre filtration

The solution works without expensive pre filtration steps such as sand filters, Ultra Filtration, Multi Media Filtration etcetera. Salacia Desalination uses a biological pretreatment solution which is the only step between the seawater and the RO membranes. Starting in 2006 this technology is successfully in operation in extreme salt waste water conditions in The Netherlands.

Facts & Figures


  • In house designed and constructed technology
  • Heavy duty design and construction
  • Highest recovery rate in the industry
  • Extreme limited downtime
  • Extreme limited chemical requirement
  • Remote controlled acces
  • Lowest energy consumption per m3 water
  • Modular extendable to any desired capacity
  • Online communication between the unit and the service engineer

The base of our solution

  • Year’s of experience in handling the worst waste water treatment issues
  • The need for a low maintenance desalination unit
  • BHighest water quality
  • Highest recovery rates in the industry
  • Self cleaning operation, depending on the membrane pollution
  • Lowest possible down time